House Extension Design In Nottingham

At House Alterations Architecture in Nottingham we offer an Architectural design service for house extensions in Nottingham. With over 25 years’ experience in the house alterations industry we are extremely confident that we can assist you with the design of your house extension.

House extensions can be a great way to add individuality and space to your existing home and our architectural design team are here to make your extension come to life.

A simple extension at ground floor level with internal alterations can truly maximise the space you can achieve and such house extensions are relatively easy to get through the planning system. Two-storey house extensions are slightly more complex in that consideration must be given to the sighting of your home and the proximity of any neighbouring properties due to right-of-light issues, but certainly manageable with the correct design.

Our team have undertaken a number of house extensions in Nottingham and across the UK, we are happy to and have the experience to produce the design for you.

We are more than happy to discuss your house extension project, so please give us a call.

House Extension Design In Nottingham by House Alterations Architecture

Areas We Cover

Based in Calverton we cover the whole of Nottingham and can also offer our house extension design services to customers across the UK.